Susan M. while General Manager of USA TODAY

I worked with M. Hatter Consulting to help us reimagine a new business model utilizing assets that were losing value in their current state. They dove in to understand the challenge, develop creative solutions, and build out the business plan associated with the opportunity. Melissa was thoughtful, diligent, and extremely responsive to our needs. She was a pleasure to work with and I would gladly engage her firm again.

David Y. Founder & CEO of Mllnnl

Working with M. Hatter Consulting was literally transformative for our business. Melissa’s sharp clarity combined with depth of knowledge and experience helped to radically shift the structure of our organization in ways that meaningfully and powerfully impacted our business.

Laura T. while Director of Strategy at McKinney

M. Hatter Consulting is a rare and exceptional 21st century accelerator. Melissa and her company restructured our strategic, operational, and financial approach to digital --  ironing out what our company had been envisioning for several years.

She did this through her remarkable knowledge of today's digital world, her inspiring coaching style, and her exceptional change management skills. Unlike most consultants who only seek to give lofty advice, Melissa came in and took an active role, collaborating across disciplines and managerial levels. She infused new thinking, new frameworks, new capabilities and new workflows into the existing fabric of our agency. M. Hatter Consulting is arguably one of the nation's leading advisors to make agencies shine and succeed, and anyone who gets to work with them is lucky. 

Tony C. while Director of Analytics at Big Spaceship

M. Hatter Consulting was integral in scaling our global operations. Melissa’s understanding of the landscape, best practices and likely pitfalls helped us accomplish our goal, minus a ton of unnecessary pain

Megan H. & Chrissy B. General Manager of Duke University Chronicle

We hired M. Hatter Consulting to guide us through a critical transition time at The Duke Chronicle. With declining print revenue, we knew we wanted to expand into agency services from a college perspective. She listened to our needs and suggested realistic paths forward for us based on our capacity and bandwidth as a non-profit college media company. Melissa is thorough, prepared and innovative. During the discovery process, she spoke with over 20 people related to our project — she has an innate ability to pinpoint what matters and filter out the background noise that derails projects before they start. M. Hatter Consulting is creative and current. They know media trends and understands how to scale a project. More importantly, they took us to places we never considered. In addition, Melissa is an absolute pleasure to be around. She is so fun and positive, going above and beyond. We felt from the first minute of working with her that she was on our team and would do everything she could to help us succeed. We highly recommend her firm.

Ken M. Founder & President of Makovsky

M. Hatter Consulting challenged us to look differently at our approach to establishing a strategic digital infrastructure, helping our storied firm to imagine a new and evolved chapter. Thoughtful & surgical, M. Hatter broadened our thinking on the range of digital services we might offer and offered excellent guidance on how to build this entity to scale, as well as how to staff it and present to prospects. Melissa has a keen ability to synthesize the madness of the industry, and closely collaborates with clients to construct fresh & compelling solutions for business growth.

Sean M. Global Chief Digital Office of McCann Worldgroup

Melissa’s infectious positivity, superior intellect, business savvy and collaborative skills make her second to none.  While Melissa undoubtedly has her “mad”(-hatter) skills, it is her depth of integrity, kindness, thoughtfulness and commitment that I find most endearing.

Veronica S. Former CMO Sbe Entertainment & Head of Marketing Caesars Entertainment

Melissa is an excellent communicator who employs a hands-on approach throughout engagements. She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and importantly, leading with both expertise and passion. Melissa genuinely cares about her clients’ business and the desired outcome.

Kinney E. Executive Creative Director at Tribal Worldwide

My first conversation with Melissa has led to many years of continuing inspiration through her unyielding curiosity and fortitude. She is on a mission to actively redefine what’s next for our industry and beyond. Melissa is a very special talent and an inspirational leader truly dedicated to making us all better